Still Doorless/well potted

Closet doors are here but no luck getting contractor here to paint or install them, so I was right about next week being when they get done, hopefully it won’t be pushed even further. I did get a few hooks up in various places so that is something. My HVAC guys came by today to adjust the heating vents – it was too warm in family room, my room and kitchen. They adjusted it from the furnace and it should make a big difference. I will be happy once I know Charlie’s room is no longer running cold. I hate thinking he could be cold at night, I will do everything I can to keep him happily asleep! And they are going to move one of the vents in the living room to make them more symmetrical. This is v. V. Exciting to me. The wont be perfect due to constraints from support beams, etc but it will be much better and they can do it next week!

I did go get 6 more pots for the front patio so that is exciting and now that I have them all placed where I think I want them I need to figure out plants. I can’t afford plants until mid month but I’d like to get them soon there after if possible. So many possibilities, so much to learn before I make my choices….exciting but also a little daunting as I’m no expert in outdoor containers with morning sun and afternoon shade.


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