Gardening bug

I officially have the gardening bug. We had two sets of friends over yesterday and all I wanted to talk about was plants. What kinds should go where, succulents? Other options? What matches the house, etc. I want to get at least the two beds in the front planted this spring as well as all the pots on the front patio. For the beds, one near the sidewalk and one just outside the patio I want drought tolerant and want to plan on eventually getting rid of the grass lawn area between them. The grassy area is not big and really will never be used so eventually a drought tolerant garden will be the way to go. But for now, the two beds. The one corner bed has these beautiful purple flowering ground cover that will stay. My friend heather suggested a low grass for the front bed and I like that idea, something tuft-y, clumpy and with some nice colors but not too tall, a blue fescue was tossed around. And for the bed near the patio wall, I love the idea of the CA or wild lilac shrub, maybe some agaves, or even some cordyline. Leaning towards the wild lilac.

For the pots, I considered bamboo but that seems to need to much attention, although would be pretty. Also, in the big pots could do fig trees and I do like how they look. Also, for the big pots considering a palm. Then for the rest of the pots not sure if I want to got the succulent route or something with lantana and other butterfly friendly plants that don’t need too much water it would have good color. The possibilities are literally endless…

And finally I am thinking a teddy bear magnolia needs to go somewhere, likely in the backyard but maybe in the front. Needless to say nothing really has happened inside the house, still plenty to do but my attention has been turned out, at least for the weekend.



3 responses

    • Eva, Thanks! I’ve been trolling thru Sunset and Houzz for ideas. This one is great, thanks! Love that you have checked out what I’m up to, makes you seem less far away.

  1. Hi Maggie, I look forward to new posts from your adventure. You are brave and doing a great job with your house! Also looking at flowers while we have snow on the ground here makes me feel at least a little bit warm 🙂

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