Closet doors and other musings

Closet doors are 95% done, paint needs some touching up and I’m not quite sure if they don’t maybe need something else or if maybe the resin backing isn’t quite right. That said, I love them and they seem very palm beach 60s vibe, which is fab.


I also finally, finally got the carpet down in my bedroom. It looks good. Now I have to hang a few things, decide if one wall will stay relatively open or if I want to gallery hang it. I want a new dresser and tv stand but they are on the not now list….my bedroom had the most changes to its structure (added sliding door, skim coat on walls, ceiling fan, closet system, the closet doors, moving the entry door to the end of the hall) of any room in the house really so time for a break.

Last weekend I was just grossed out by how dirty our under the table rug had gotten. I threw it in the washer and it came out looking fantastic. It’s a dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rug and I have to say I’m impressed. So nice to know it cleans up so well and with relative ease.

Some minor stuff got done, by the contractor not me, this week – electrical covers put on, paint touch ups, building Charlie’s play dome, new electrical outlet in the shed and my outside peace sign hung as well as an opening in shed wall for a speaker so I can have music outside. So almost done with stuff on the contractor’s list then it will be all DIY. Speaking of, my friend Jonny V is coming this weekend to help with some things.

Finally, I traded in some Amex points for Home Depot gift cards which I will use towards landscaping the front. I also got another Sonos speaker for Charlie’s room. I could still use a few more speakers but all in good time. And I got in touch with the city and I can get up to 7 free trees for my property, I just have to see where and how many I can use. Trees are good.

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