Weekend Update

This was a good weekend as far as house stuff. Even though we had other obligations a fair amount got done. Most notably, Edwin and some guys hauled away the giant pile of trash that had been accumulating along side my driveway….old, doors, windows, boxes, parts of stucco walls are now recycled or at the dump! The other BIG thing they did was finally take down the cinder block wall that served no purpose in the yard. I am so happy it is gone! The pictures are unfortunately totally different angles but you get the idea.



My friend Jonny V. Came over to help with some planning and some hands on projects. He is awesome and knows how to do lots of things. First, he installed the three drums on Charlie’s playset! Next, he hung three brackets for hanging plants -two in front and the other one in the back. Then we discussed raised veggie beds that he will build for me! And also some possible future plans for the yard. John is v practical and pointed out I need to fix my cement retaining walls in a few places, so,I’ve added that to my list. One thing we added to Edwin’s list was to get a water spicket run to the top garden level – that way I can do drip irrigation for the veggie beds.

For the hanging baskets I am doing succulents. I managed to do one this cold gloomy day but need to wait on the other two as I got the wrong size liners for my baskets. It’ll take some time for them to fill in but I’m happy with the first one.




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