Bye bye metal storage shed

Finally, the metal shed is gone, opening up a lot more space in the back. It had its charm but wasn’t very safe and since I have a real shed there was no need for it. I have, however, opened up a huge can of potential…..the cement is not level and I need some sort of a hedge there pronto to block out the neighbors driveway and trash cans…but it’s a start and I have lots of ideas for that part of the yard, and all those ideas can just take a number. For now the space is great .


2 responses

  1. What about Wisteria? Once it takes root it is GORGEOUS, and after the flowers are gone, you cannot ask for better privacy! You could even put taller lattice panels up against your fence for it to grow up taller. I loved it. I used it around the pool to make it totally private.

    Everything looks just beautiful! Outstanding.

    • Hi Julia, Wisteria is out of my zone (I’m zone 10), but there will be bougainvillea and honeysuckle which will have a similar effect (as well as some privet and bamboo). Hope you are settling into your new place

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