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I asked Edwin to install lights in the front on either side of the patio gate so it wouldn’t be quite so dark walking up to the house. In so doing he discovered the posts were damp inside and had lots of rotten wood, sigh. I called realtor David and he said this is something the termite guy should have caught. So he will talk to him, quel bummer. The lights themselves were very inexpensive and not my forever lamps, but they match the existing fixture by the door and they work well enough for now. Part of me hates not doing it the right way the first time but its most cost effective and allows me to save for things like windows….

This weekend I also had a foundation company come out to inspect the work done by the previous owners. Something told me I should check, the floors are still crooked but much less so and in a house of this age that is fairly normal, but I wanted to just be sure. The guy came and while most of the work was done and done well from what he saw they left one whole support wall unbraced.its a $1,500 job, not the end of the world but it really should have been done. So now I have to write the company that did the work and see if they will make it right,sigh. I don’t like this type of stuff. On the positive, I’m glad I know and can get it fixed.

Seems that Edwin et al are finally close to being done. Some paint touch ups, the water spigot in the back and the back patio and that is it. Exciting! And I got my Amex points Home Depot gift cards and can use them to get the pots in the front planted and a little out front landscaping! That will take a few weeks but its exciting. Also, my kitchen chairs finally shipped which means they should be here next week!! Once they are here that is largely it, at least as far as what I can do now. Of course, there will still be loads to do but that’ll be phases two – two thousand.

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