Before and Now: My Bedroom

I am super excited to post my first “before and now”. I can’t really say before and after as there is so much more I still want to do, but this is where I am for now and a lot of the “big” stuff is completed…..

For example in my bedroom the entry door was moved to the beginning of the hallway, there by making the closets and bathroom part of the “master suite” and really this was a huge improvement. I also replaced one of the windows with a sliding glass door and replaced the closet doors with the incredibly cool Crestview Panels. The walls were smoothed and painted and the hardwood floors were added. This room by far had the most done to it of any room in the house. I still would like a new dresser and media console, etc. but those are not happening anytime soon.

So this is where my room is now, and there are a few before pics to show where it was when I started.






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