Before and Now: Family Room



This room is at a done for now state, but there is a lot I want to do still….however, a lot has already been done. The acoustic ceiling was taken down, pot lights and the ceiling fan were added. The wood paneling was removed and replaced with drywall. Behind the paneling was a lot of rotten wood from an old and active leak around the chimney so the 2x4s were replaced the wall largely rebuilt, insulation redone and the leak fixed. Also, the walls were smoothed and painted, hardwood floors were installed and new windows and sliding door were added.

I still want to add built in benches on either side of the fireplace and a built in wall of bookshelves on the wall that is closest to the kitchen. I also want window treatments for the the small windows but think those will depend somewhat on built ins so am waiting. This particular project is one that I am eager to do as it will make the room more functional and less cluttered but its on the not right now list, at least for now.




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