Kitchen chairs MIA, still and assorted stuff

My kitchen chairs were supposed to ship Feb 11th, I ordered them in early OCTOBER! This is getting ridiculous, the company says they are held up in customs, but come on already…this is silly. So frustrating.

I did get the guest room rug done, finally and that felt good. Next up is getting the rest of the art hung. I am hoping to do that this week and then finally get our alarm system installed. We shall see. I also really want to sort out my office boxes and get organized, but at least it is behind closet doors.

Edwin et al seem to have disappeared again. Not much left to do but still I want it done. Paint touch ups, a couple more lights in the kitchen and then the patio and water spigot on the top level of the yard. So no real rush, but would like to just wrap it up.

I ordered a composter and am ready to start composting! Very exciting!! Just need to pllace the composter on a flat surface for easier aerating…..

Seems like I am getting close, and of course now I see all the work that needs to happen in the yard….I’m sure it will be never ending…..

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