I bought a piano

So way down on my list of things to buy/ do in the living room was get a piano. I have this hope that Charlie will play, (and I know he will at least take lessons in couple of years). Well an acquaintance of mine posted on FB that he had one to sell. Given that he is a musician, amongst many other things, I knew I could trust it would be a good piano so I jumped on it.

With some effort by Edwin, my trusty contractor, the piano now resides at my house and is awaiting its paint job before it moves inside. It is too heavy to move any more than necessary. Stay tuned for progress reports! I can’t wait to get it inside and settled in to its new home.

Charlie saw the piano this morning and when I told him it was our new piano he said, “now we can have music time.” I could not be happier!

Not sure where the piano will live permanently, and how it will impact the furniture arrangement, but here is a pic


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