Before and Now: Livingroom

Finally, the before and now for the living room. In this room the awful stucco was taken off both walls and ceilings, the hard wood floors were refinished and everything was painted. The front door was replaced, curtain rods hung and the sconces replaced with my beloved Eva Zeisel sconces. This room still very much needs new windows, sigh.

This is mostly the furniture from my old living room with a few exceptions. The behind the sofa tables are new from room and board, allowing me to ditch the coffee table and still have a place to put drinks. I wanted to ditch the coffee table as it felt better to the flow of the room since it is a room you walk through to get anywhere. (The coffee table, a repro Nelson bench has moved to the guestroom). And of course the piano and bench are new, the bench was in the guest room, the piano I picked up for a friend and painted it to match the walls. Finally, the fiddle leaf fig and its pot are the other new addition.

I am, for the most, happy with this room and aside from some minor editing think its all set as a nice, comfortable, cheerful space. Definitely not what I would have said when we first moved in.






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