Plants and fences

Today I went to Lincoln nursery in Pasadena. They were so nice and so helpful and they will be delivering the plants I bought on Monday! I found the rest of the Japanese privet I needed for the hedge on the top left section of the yard. They even helped me find less expensive ones that would work for the hedge. They had three bougainvillea for the top right and while I still will need 3-5 more it will be good to get these in the ground and growing. They also had the CA lilac I was missing for the front! They said to call on Friday and they should have the honeysuckle I want for the lower left hedge/ fence cover… it looks like this will all finally get going. Im still waiting on the bamboo plan, which is frustrating but if i can get the planters for less money it will be worth it The new gardener had not able able to find these plants at his usual sources. (I’m guessing his sources may be cheaper but that doesn’t matter if they can’t get what you want). Hopefully they can all get into the ground early next week. Edwin is also going to start the one small section of fence I am replacing instead of trying to cover it with plants, so that should also be done in the next week (or so). And I got a couple of shade sails for over the seating area on the patio. So hopefully it will all start coming together. After all this then it’s raised vegetable beds and maybe some flowers!

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