Outdoor movie night 1.0

I decided to use my tax return for a non-essential item, and splurged on a set-up for outdoors movie viewing. 130″ screen and a projector and I’m all set (ok there were a few other items involved but that’s the basic idea). The first night was a late night set up with helpful friends who were visiting for the weekend. Fortunately they thought it was a cool thing to do (and it was indeed cool, with temps in the high 40s It was definitely crisp). Julia and Sasha helped with set-up and getting everything going and eventually, with the screen only falling over one time during the movie, we watched the inaugural backyard movie (the breakfast club). It was awesome, cold, but awesome. Below are some pics from this first night.

Night two, which was sadly photo-less, saw the screen moved to a better location and the introduction of not one, but two patio heaters (they are the best thing ever – and even on sale at Home Depot). Even with Julia and Sasha it took us quite a bit of time to assemble said patio heaters and as such didn’t start our movie until quite late (animal house), we didn’t finish the movie as sleep had to happen, but the set up is much better than night one, and I’m super grateful to have had help as it would have been super frustrating and time consuming as a one person job.

So the summer movies have officially started, I’m looking forward to lots of fun, and warm, nights ahead.



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