Garden notes

Still no gardener to plant the new plants but that should happen soon. My amazing friend Jonny V. Built me, as in with his own two hands, three raised vegetable beds and I am so excited to get some dirt in them and get growing! They have a bottom screen to discourage the gophers but I imagine I’ll need some on the top protection as well. First however, I need to get them placed in the yard and filled with dirt. jon said to wait a few days before doing that so I am doing that, hard as it may be.

Yesterday, I finally met with landscape architect Melanie Williams. I think it went really well and we seemed to easily be able to discuss ideas and she seemed to understand my aesthetic. She also understood that I would be doing very little initially and that I would be slowly phasing things in and the plan will reflect that. She agreed with my thoughts for the front and given that I’ll now fill in the empty front bed which will make a huge difference. I should get her proposal In a week or so, I can’t wait! This will be a really fun planning project.

Last, week the shade sails went up over the outdoor sofa and it has made a huge difference in the daytime usability of outside. Not the most elegant solution, but one that is affordable and works great for now…so much better that an umbrella.



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  1. What kind of clowns are you working with there? Big green bow-ties and furry! You have got it all! All of the help that a girl could ever wish for! Cute.

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