My closet doors

I’m at a conference for work this week/weekend so I won’t be getting to many home improvements this weekend. I’m looking at it as a nice little break (although there are so many things I’d like to be working on).

The lovely company that made my closet doors, Crestview Doors put together this nice little story together about the house so far. Super fun and so nice that they liked what I did.

Gardening and not gardening

The thing about a three year old is they will be done with any gardening project way before its actually done….therefore I was also done with my gardening project way before it was done today….it’s just how it is in these parts.

That said a lot did happen today. The gardener was here this morning and they planted the bamboo (finally!), brought dirt for the veggie beds, and planted the blueberry bushes. Those things in and of themselves are awesome. But I managed to also get some errands run including getting some plants. I was able to get the needed additional honeysuckle, and some plants for the two beds I’ve been wanting to plant. I also started to set up soaker hoses for one flower bed and for the bamboo, didn’t quite get to finish that. I did finish planting the lower bed and was able to use some of my favorites, scabiosas, columbines, and these strangely beautiful spidery flowers which are a type of carnation (and yes I still bought them once I found out they were a carnation) and a couple other things. For the upper bed I got some foxglove, Eastern hydrangea and a few other things – neither that nor the honeysuckle got planted today, oh well….they will. I also finally got some gravel for the succulent plantings and think it makes them look so much better….it was a little frustrating to not get it all done but there was good progress today….







Charlie’s Chair

Charlie has the Stokke trip trap chair and its been great. It was a cheerful lime green. I was disappointed given its price that the paint chipped off within the first year. When I got the new kitchen table the green really almost clashed with the table top and this, of course, bothered me. I certainly wasn’t going to replace the chair, but it was annoying. Well, finally i figured out a solution and painted the chair the same yellow as the walls. No more chips and, to me, it looks so much better.


Craigslist find:Dresser

Found this on Craigslist and while it was already painted, I changed the drawer color to match my room and I’m super happy with how it came out. I have a couple of prints coming tomorrow to hang on the wall that I got on Fab, hopefully they will work. I’m amazed at how open the room feels taking out the tall dresser.


Family room update

I’m still waiting on the bookshelves for the family room. I am pretty sure I’m going the reclaimed wood route, but I’m taking a bit of a wait and see on that. In the meantime I did finally get window coverings for the small windows and I am happy with them. I splurged and got the light block liners which really make a big difference. I am still not loving the TV component and toy storage situation but hopefully the shelving will address both of those whenever it happens….