Status update

Am winding up the final projects on this round of home improvements. There won’t be anything else big done until I refi. Lots of small thing to do still that will keep me plenty busy. Once I refi I hope to replace the roof, add gutters and rain barrels, update electrical, replace windows and possibly add solar….but I digress. For now, all the inside the house projects are pretty much complete aside from building bookshelves in the family room and that is being worked on. The artist who made the love sign and I are working on a reclaimed wood shelving option that I think will be great but is taking time to source wood, etc.

Otherwise, there are a few outside things to be done still. Edwin is building planters for the bamboo (which i bought a while ago when it was 20% off) and I still need to plant the front with some blue fescue although I did plant my Little Gem Magnolia out front yesterday. The raised veggie beds have been set up now I just need to add dirt (which I will ask the gardener to do, I’m not so interested in hauling dirt) and then we can start planting! I hope to get the master garden plan from the landscape architect this summer, but that is mostly something that would be used for next summer and beyond. Once the bamboo is planted and the veggie beds are going that’ll pretty much be it for this summer.

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