Before and Now: the kitchen (waiting for its remodel)

So this room will eventually, down the road get a full blown remodel. That however, won’t happen for some time, as in years. However, enough was done to make it much more functional. I do dislike the electric cooktop and the oven doesn’t work all that well but really nothing I can’t live with.

But I digress, in this room the hardwood floors were added, as were a new dishwasher and fridge. The cabinets were moved to make room for a larger fridge which I am SO glad I did (thank you Kirsten for that idea). The wallpaper was stripped, the in wall ironing board removed (the iron is only ever used when Stacy visits twice yearly), light fixtures replaced ( the ones from over the table are now in the hall) and can lighting added. I also added a hot water tap and new faucet which are reminders of other nice things to come ( like the Jonathan Adler sink I covet) Also, as previously mentioned I had the table custom done by the amazing James Devlin and bought wegner repro chairs.

Eventually, new countertops, cabinets, oven, and moving the laundry out of the kitchen will happen, but as I said this is good for now. It’s a cheerful bright room that is easy to hang out in until whenever the full remodel can happen.








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