Gardening and not gardening

The thing about a three year old is they will be done with any gardening project way before its actually done….therefore I was also done with my gardening project way before it was done today….it’s just how it is in these parts.

That said a lot did happen today. The gardener was here this morning and they planted the bamboo (finally!), brought dirt for the veggie beds, and planted the blueberry bushes. Those things in and of themselves are awesome. But I managed to also get some errands run including getting some plants. I was able to get the needed additional honeysuckle, and some plants for the two beds I’ve been wanting to plant. I also started to set up soaker hoses for one flower bed and for the bamboo, didn’t quite get to finish that. I did finish planting the lower bed and was able to use some of my favorites, scabiosas, columbines, and these strangely beautiful spidery flowers which are a type of carnation (and yes I still bought them once I found out they were a carnation) and a couple other things. For the upper bed I got some foxglove, Eastern hydrangea and a few other things – neither that nor the honeysuckle got planted today, oh well….they will. I also finally got some gravel for the succulent plantings and think it makes them look so much better….it was a little frustrating to not get it all done but there was good progress today….







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