The sad state of my front yard

The front yard will eventually be redesigned, but for now there is this big sad empty bed that runs the width of the property. Yesterday the gardener started irrigation for this area and I picked out decorative grasses I want to plant (I did this with the help Of my landscape architect as I couldn’t come up with any good ideas on my own). With any luck it can be planted in the next
Week or so….


Foundation issues, part 3

When I bought the house the sellers did some major foundation repairs and had everything bolted, so I was feeling pretty good about all things foundation. Then I found out they didn’t not secure the original wall (where the house ended prior to the 1957 addition), which needs to be done and is not cheap. Then last week I found out, due to me freaking over a waterbug in the bathroom, that water was getting into the foundation. While I’m still exploring this seems like it will be an not inexpensive fix. If I let it go too long it could damage the work that was already done, there are two places where this is happening, one is hopefully an easy fix, but the other involves cutting cement and adding a new cement curb/barrier….sigh

Here is a riveting video of a crawl space expedition

Edwin’s back

I’ve definitely felt a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with the house and the garden…..and earlier this week I sprained my ankle which has slowed me down even more…. Total bummer but I’m grateful it’s not worse.

Today Edwin was here and he will be here one day next week as well. He is finishing up a lot of little things both inside and out. Of course we also talked about what the next big project may be. For now though, one more bamboo planter and some screening behind all,the bamboo for more privacy is probably the biggest thin Edwin is doing this time around. It feels good to get the little things done…or at least almost done. It’s progress and progress is good.

Front patio

The front patio has vastly improved with the addition of the plants. I’m really happy with the choices I’ve made. I also really like the bench but need more furniture out there, eventually….
What I don’t love is how the water pools in puddles after I water and then leaves these big ugly stains on the patio, blecky. I had the brilliant idea of scrubbing down the patio with an outdoor brooms and a little bleach yesterday….well the stains are still there and now the clothes I was wearing have non-ironic bleach spatter. I am not at all sure what the solution is short of rebuilding the patio with a proper grade and some nice Saltillo tiles…but that is not in the short term plan….any ideas on how to improve the situation would be much appreciated.



Done, Gone?, Growing

Finally, I got the pics up for the 6 months house tour (they have their own page), there is still lots to be done but it definitely feels like home these days.

The gopher murderers have been here twice and hopefully the gophers are now gone for good, although they may need a few more rounds….regardless, it’s at the v. least much better.

And the plants are all seeming to do what they are supposed to and they are growing, fingers crossed haven’t lost any yet.

Half the Day Watering

Sometimes I feel like I spend half of each day watering, trying to help all of these plants get established. It will get better/easier once a few drip lines are installed and once the plants get thru their first summer. At least it makes watering the veggie beds seem like no big deal.

Speaking of the veggie beds, two of three planted, waiting on more dirt for the third still. So far I have planted tomatoes, basil, jalapeños, bell peppers, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, strawberries and watermelon….we shall see

The mimosa tree has some blooms and it reminds me of the tree we had at one of the houses we lived in when I was a kid. Hopefully, Charlie will have nice memories of this tree as they both grow.

Speaking of Charlie he was entranced by an earthworm this morning, it was great to have him stay in one place as long as he did.