Garden, oh garden

This SoCal gardening thing requires a lot of water. And it seems watering takes time, totally frustrating. The top part of the yard has sprinklers that aren’t working well and no real grass just lots of those horrid pricklers that get stuck in Bernie’s fur and hurt our feet. The new plantings along the fence are limping along and it seems more water is the solution. The sprinkler system here is old but hopefully some work on it with some additions will hopefully allow us to plant grass up,to top and help reduce some of my watering time. The gardener is finally here today to,work on this, we shall see how far he gets…..

I also have a big gopher issue which is just depressing. Thoughts anyone? I ordered the sonic spikes and some tunnel fill both had mixed reviews but there seems to be no sure thing solution. I hate the gophers already and imagine I may be settling in for a long fight. Sigh.

Today we will be planting some sunflower seeds and hanging the bird feeders so at least some fun stuff is happening as well. Now I need to find some good mulch and we should be done with summer garden phase 1

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