Timing is everything

The gardener finally, finally came and did some work on the sprinkler system and re seeded the top level as it was really awful just weeds and prickles up there. So now the top level even uglier with the hope it will be lovely in no time. He also moved the ugly sprinkler heads to the corner of the yard so you dont see them in the middle of the flower bed…so much better.This all happened on Saturday and last night it rained, actual real happy rain not just LA drizzle. So that will have to be good for the grass seed.

On Sunday morning I also got some additional,gardening done. A few more flowers planted in the patio bed, delphiniums and some crawly pink stuff, and a few petunias in pots. Charlie and I also planted sunflower seeds in the flower beds on the second level, hopefully that will work out as it would be fun and pretty and inexpensive – a great combo! I also finally hung our bird feeder and Charlie hung a bird house he painted at school. If you’ve been here you may be thinking where did those get hung, you have no trees? Which is why I had to order a couple of poles that you stick in the ground and they have a hook to hang things….someday we will have mature trees but until then, hooks will do just fine.

Finally, two of the three veggie beds are planted! (Thanks again Johnny V for building them for us). The third one needs some more dirt added before I plant it. So far I planted – two kinds of tomatoes, basil, jalapeños, red bell peppers, spaghetti squash, strawberries, watermelon and cucumbers….we shall see, I have low expectations….




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