Half the Day Watering

Sometimes I feel like I spend half of each day watering, trying to help all of these plants get established. It will get better/easier once a few drip lines are installed and once the plants get thru their first summer. At least it makes watering the veggie beds seem like no big deal.

Speaking of the veggie beds, two of three planted, waiting on more dirt for the third still. So far I have planted tomatoes, basil, jalapeños, bell peppers, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, strawberries and watermelon….we shall see

The mimosa tree has some blooms and it reminds me of the tree we had at one of the houses we lived in when I was a kid. Hopefully, Charlie will have nice memories of this tree as they both grow.

Speaking of Charlie he was entranced by an earthworm this morning, it was great to have him stay in one place as long as he did.



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