Foundation issues, part 3

When I bought the house the sellers did some major foundation repairs and had everything bolted, so I was feeling pretty good about all things foundation. Then I found out they didn’t not secure the original wall (where the house ended prior to the 1957 addition), which needs to be done and is not cheap. Then last week I found out, due to me freaking over a waterbug in the bathroom, that water was getting into the foundation. While I’m still exploring this seems like it will be an not inexpensive fix. If I let it go too long it could damage the work that was already done, there are two places where this is happening, one is hopefully an easy fix, but the other involves cutting cement and adding a new cement curb/barrier….sigh

Here is a riveting video of a crawl space expedition

2 responses

  1. Time to see a lawyer to see if you can go after them for not completing the work they agreed to complete…

    • I know, it’s so frustrating…but the seller didn’t say they would actually do anything other than what the foundation company quote outlines, I may have a possibility of getting the company to do the work they should have included in that quote but that will be a challenge, but i’m going to try.

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