I heart Olvera St

Yesterday we spent some time showing off our city to Apolline, our lovely French exchange student who most sadly leaves next week after an all too short two month stay. We ended up on Olvera St towards the end of the day and there was SO much stuff that I wanted to buy for the house…..tourist, smorist…they had some cool stuff. I contained myself mostly and walked away with a skull for the book case and a piece to hang in my room.




Changes for Charlie

When we moved Charlie’s room was essentially recreated. I did however, hang one world map print I had in there and it gave me the inkling to maybe make the room’s next incarnation a map themed room. Somehow after our trip he seemed a bit more grown up and it seemed appropriate to transition out of the nursery themed owl room. Don’t be alarmed, there will still be owls, as there are all over the house, but his room is now more map than owl. I really only made a few changes. New bedding, his name in letters and a new wall hanging. Thankfully, it was all pretty budget friendly. Here is a sneak peak at a couple of the changes. I’ll take pics of the entire room if and when I ever get all the toys picked up




After being away for ten days we came home and found some of our first veggies ready to be picked. My gardening is haphazard at best and next time I plant I will be a bit more thoughtful. Haphazard or not, things are growing and it’s super fun.




Garden notes

Yesterday the landscape architect was here measuring and taking photos so that she can start the design process. I’m totally excited.. It will be quite a while before I can afford to implement the plan. However, once I have it I hope to be able to do some of the smaller pieces bit by bit as time and money allow. I’d love to get the grass out of the front and side yards and that may be doable in the next six months or so. Or maybe not but at least it will be fun to think about.

I don’t think I fully understood when I bought the house just how awesome the backyard was and how much we would use it. It has so much potential, someday it will be amazing. For now it’s fun thinking about what it will be…someday