Light at the start of the tunnel

The shed conversion to an exercise room is officially underway! It will still be part storage room and certainly nothing fancy, but it will be insulated and have ac/heat. That said, the new (old) window is in and the electrician is coming today. After that the drywalling can happen and hopefully, before you know it, I’ll have an exercise room……



So it’s no secret, I have spent all my spare energy and pennies on the house of late. As a result I am woefully out of shape and pretty much looking like my “before” picture. Well it’s time to spend a bit more time/energy on myself and that includes some exercise, sigh. With Charlie it’s really hard to get out and go to the gym or other activity. I really need something to do at home. Well, I couldn’t bare the idea of putting exercise equipment in my pretty house.

So the solution is insulating the shed, adding some AC and putting an elliptical and some other exercise stuff out there. I found an elliptical on craigslist, have ordered the AC and found a new window for the shed. Edwin comes Monday to start the project. I love a project, hopefully I’ll love exercising too!

Succulent refresh

The succulents planted in the hanging baskets didn’t fair too well. The birds liked the coconut liner for their nests and the succulents just weren’t doing the up and over the edge of the planter thing I was hoping they would do. Last month, maybe even the month before, I bought new planters for the succulents. Well. I got one done right away but the other two I waited until this 95 degree day to get done. I also transplanted a scented geranium that had long outgrown its pot. Hot as it is, I’m happy those little projects are finally done.




Tile my world

Yesterday I went to Mortarless Tile which I have driven by almost every day since I’ve had the house, as it is on the way to Charlie’s preschool. It doesn’t look like much but man that place is a treasure trove. I want to tile my world, well at least both patios and the bathrooms and the kitchen whenever it’s remodeled. But those are all big projects, and I’m starting small. Joey at Mortarless was incredibly helpful and helped me stay on budget and steered me to the historically corrected tiles for the house. I’m going to do a tile insert at the front door. It has a ten inch inset and it is begging for something, I think Spanish tile is the perfect answer. I went thinking I’d just be looking but everything was so reasonable I ordered my tiles and they should be in this week. I’m so excited. Her are few pics, one of where they will go and two of the two different types of tiles.




Staghorn invasion

I ordered two staghorn ferns from terrain and they finally arrived! I think they look fun and are a nice addition to the family room. I hope they are as easy to maintain as they claim to be. This puts my houseplant total at over a half dozen….fresher air one plant at a time!