House Numbers

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, I really disliked my old house numbers. I love, love, love my new ones! The tree in front of them will be moved shortly, and once the new lighting is here it will really look the way I want it to. I’ve been trying to stay traditional with the front of the house and these numbers clearly aren’t that, but they are fun and I like the contrast. Plus they are a little hint to the inside style of the house. Next I can move on to obsessing about the landscaping…..

I barely had a photo of the old ones, I clearly didn’t like them but here is the best I could find


And here are the new numbers, like I said still working on stuff but so much better, at least to me


Bedroom obsession

I’m obsessed with bedding, I love it! Used to be, pre Bernie Williams, Jr. I had lovely crisp, white bedding…sometimes even with delicate embroidery. That doesn’t work so well with a 50lb muddy bundle of love jumping on the bed. So these days prints and patterns are my friend. For the last five years or so I’ve been constrained by various other prints in my room as to my bedding choices. This house with the giant pink flower mural is no different. I still look for new bedding that will work with what is happening in my room, but it’s not easy to come by. A few months ago I had this moment where I just knew what my room needed was a vintage suzani thrown across the bed. It’s not new bedding but it has a similar effect. Well a few weeks ago I finally found just the right one and I have been remiss in posting a pic. So here it is, my bed, only better…


Shed progress

I took the day off work today to sort through the amazing amount of valuable belongings junk in the shed. I have a big pile of trash and an even bigger pile for good will. Sadly, there is still more stuff than I had hoped that I want to keep and store. I’m looking into one of those little outdoor shed things to house the brooms, rakes, extra paint, etc. but in the mean time here is what it looks like after a day of organizing. Not there yet, but it’s a start….



Front Patio, Daddio!

I am just so pleased with how the front patio is looking I need to post a few more pics. The windows and tile have made a huge difference as have the chairs I got on CL. I can’t wait for the light fixtures and street numbers to arrive! This is first time I actually feel good about the front of the house, I always thought it looked so sad before. Hurray for little things making a big difference (ok the windows aren’t little but the rest of it is)



And in case anyone has forgotten how barren it looked before



Pleased to report there is some progress, lots to be done still but some big leaps. The windows are in and largely done and I love the way they look and how they make the house look. And then to add to it I had window washers out yesterday and all the windows look just so much better when really clean! I’m having a window nirvana moment.



The windows going in encouraged me to get it together and make a little seating area for the from patio, finally, I found a nice chair set on Craigslist and bought a couple of pillows, still need to clean the patio and add some plants, etc. but I’m happy with the direction it is heading.


The front still is waiting for new numbers and light fixtures but it is all on its way. The tile around the door is largely done, just needs a little grout. I love the tile and can’t wait for everything else, did I mention how much I love the tile?


The sh(r)Ed is coming along as well. The A/C is in and the walls are being painted and the new counter for the work area is being fitted. Hopefully it will be a working room by this time next week!