stuck in the middle again

We were out of town for a wedding but now we are back. There are a few other projects in process besides just the shed. It feels like I’m stuck in the middle of a lot of unfinished projects. The reality is its not that many but they have left things a bit off kilter in the house.

The shed project is taking way longer than I imaged mostly as the electrician’s work took way longer as he has a day job. But it is good to get the electrical done right, just wasn’t in my initial plan. In theory the drywall should start going up at the end of this week.

Another project that is underway is the tile inset around the front door. I can not wait for it to be done, it makes me really happy. I just picked up the last of the tile today. Feels like it should have been there all along. Here is an In progress shot


And then there are the windows…. When looking for shed windows I found two great new wood windows for a song. Too good to pass up they are now being used in Charlie’s room and the dining room. They too are in process. Edwin managed to get them in while we were gone and is now sanding etc. hopefully the stucco and staining can happen this week.

Also in process are the stained glass windows I found for the living room, they too are installed and ready for sanding and painting. On Tuesday the windows for the front come and I couldn’t be more excited. Once those are in I’m all done with windows except for the kitchen and baths which will wait until such a time as they are remodeled.

And finally, I just took the plunge and ordered new house numbers. They are modern and big and I think they will be fab. My house numbers have bugged me since I moved in…can’t wait for the new ones to arrive.



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  1. noticed your concept II ceiling fans. How do you like them after living with them for a while? Airflow, noise, elevation from ceiling, anything else?

    • I like them quite a bit. They are quiet and have good airflow. The one annoying thing is that the optional wall switches, which are super convenient, have a blue light on the bottom when it is on and functional and that can be a bit bright at night. Also, I had friends who had one burn out on them early on, my experience though has been all good.

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