Sh(r)Ed progress, etc

Well it’s been busy at the house, the tile is up around the front door, the windows are all finally in and are being adjusted and weather proofed etc. hopefully they can stucco them in the next few days. Things definitely feel a bit chaotic.

For a while the shred had been left behind. Finally there is progress it is insulated and the drywall is up! Bruce is coming to install the AC out there on Monday. So by mid next week it should actually be done! It’s already come a long way and I can’t wait until it’s usable and then I better use it it and start exercising regularly! There will be no excuses.

I also FINALLY activated my alarm system and am using it! This is a huge step and I had a total block about using it. I think I wanted to believe its not necessary and that we live in a world where bad things don’t happen. Well I sucked it up,faced reality – it’s safer to have one than not – and am using the system. No matter where you live it’s a good idea.

Finally, I looked back a year on the blog and at this time last year I wasn’t sure if this house would be mine. Hard to believe it, feels like we have lived here for much longer, in a totally good way.





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