Pleased to report there is some progress, lots to be done still but some big leaps. The windows are in and largely done and I love the way they look and how they make the house look. And then to add to it I had window washers out yesterday and all the windows look just so much better when really clean! I’m having a window nirvana moment.



The windows going in encouraged me to get it together and make a little seating area for the from patio, finally, I found a nice chair set on Craigslist and bought a couple of pillows, still need to clean the patio and add some plants, etc. but I’m happy with the direction it is heading.


The front still is waiting for new numbers and light fixtures but it is all on its way. The tile around the door is largely done, just needs a little grout. I love the tile and can’t wait for everything else, did I mention how much I love the tile?


The sh(r)Ed is coming along as well. The A/C is in and the walls are being painted and the new counter for the work area is being fitted. Hopefully it will be a working room by this time next week!

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