And now this



I came home yesterday and Edwin had started work on two of the kitchen doors. I should have been happy, he was ahead of schedule on this…I thought he wouldn’t start until next week. But I just sorta felt like ugh, more mess, dust, tape, etc. think this may be a good indicator that it’s time for a break on the bigger stuff, which works out as I can’t afford any more anyway. Hopefully this will be done in the next few days. The project involves moving one of the doorways over about 10 inches so the doors line up. It may seems silly bit it was really unsettling to have them not aligned, plus now one will look into hall and not into the bathroom. They are also adding arches to match the house style. After they are done I’ll have to have the hardwood floor guys come back and patch, hopefully that will be easy, hopefully. All in all it will be good to have this done and whenever I get to the kitchen remodel it will be one less thing to deal with.


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