Problem solving via Craigslist

Since I moved in, 11 months ago, I haven’t set up my computer and it’s been annoying. I can’t organize photos or music and generally am not as organized as I could be. The first few months we weren’t really unpacked. But then I got a desk and there was no excuse, except that the desk is pretty and I didn’t want it to be made ugly with wires and stuff. Then we had Apolline stay with us and she lived in the guest room and so all my computer stuff was shoved in my closet. Then she left and the stuff stayed in my closet. And I was thinking it is time to fix this and now we have some guests coming and our friend Sara may live with us for a bit. That makes the guest room not a good spot for computer stuff. So i needed a solution, and I found one while browsing craigslist! Hopefully I’ll actually get all the computer stuff into this lovely computer hutch this week….


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