Naked driveway

The driveway, behind the garage -yes one can drive right through my garage- has been barren dirt since we moved in. It was indeed unappealing, but I really didn’t pay it too much attention. I just averted my eyes as I came to and fro. But then when the new window went into Charlie’s room there was suddenly a view to this barren and desolate eyesore. That’s when I knew I had to do something. So after a cocktail or two one night, I used a coupon and ordered some Wax Myrtle trees from an online site. They arrived looking pretty good. Next up was getting the gardener to augment the abysmal soil. Hopefully the new dirt, regular watering and fertilizing will be enough to get these shrubs growing the 5ft/yr. they promise. If that really happens they will be 10ft tall and a great privacy screen by the time Charlie starts kindergarten! Here’s hoping….


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