New patio rug

So, it seems those plastic weave outdoor rugs don’t last a full year out in the sun, who knew? So I bought a new Dash and Albert rug for the lower patio. I like it and when the budget permits want to add one to the top level patio as well. I also got a few new plants but they haven’t yet been sorted out and arranged. Once they are I’ll take a few pics.


Tile Accent

There were some tiles left over after the front door entry was tiled. I asked Edwin to put a few on the lamp posts and then a few on the shed, just for a little color. It’s not much but I like it. A nod to the style of the house.


Garage door

While browsing Craigslist, yes I do that. I found a beautiful wood garage door for a total steal. The guy selling it would even install it. I of course, lept on the opportunity and now have a new garage door. I also got a new garage door opener since mine was ancient and loud, and the new door is heavy.

Of course, like everything in this house the old door was put in poorly and someone added strips of wood to mask the door being too small, it was quite a mess. That resulted in needing new trim around the door. For the trim and staining it was Edwin to the rescue! It came out looking better than I had hoped. I am so pleased with the door and amazed at how much of a difference it makes to the overall appearance of the house.

Here is a pic of the house before I did any work on the front and where it is today. It still desperately needs some landscaping but I am pleased with how far it’s come.