Well it’s actually really raining here in L.A. And thank goodness we really need it. Unfortunately, my house is not doing so great. There is some weird leak in or around the fireplace and some of the Spanish tile has come off the roof, eeks! I need that home equity loan so I can get a roof ASAP! Hopefully it will happen soon. Until then, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed this is the worst of it.



It’s Working!

Awhile back I got a new sprinkler controller to replace the super cruddy one that was left here. I ended up purchasing one called My RainMachine that is supposed connect to the internet and manage your watering based on a program you set AND the weather. Well, since I’ve gotten it there has, sadly, been almost no rain. Finally this week some rain is headed our way and it seems to be working! It’s stopping the programmed watering based on the weather, cool! The app for the sprinkler is not that great but oh well….saving water is great so I can live with a crappy app!


They never stop

My plants seem to never stop blooming and growing and growing. I spent a lovely morning in the yard, pruning, planting, trimming, fertilizing, staking, etc. I could have done lots more but that was about all I could handle given how annoyingly sick I’ve been. It felt great to get outside and get some sun and for my plants to get some much need attention. Hopefully next weekend I can get to he veggie beds and get them started again. But for now there flowers and succulents are pretty happy. I even planted the new ones I got over a month ago!




Planning, frustrations, and a really long list

So many things I want to still do in regards to the house. I have a long list and the prioritization seems to change almost weekly.

I am trying to get a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and there have been numerous stumbling blocks and drama, at the moment the drama/hold up, is if the house will appraise on their system at the same level it has on others, initially it was way off. If doesn’t, it could mean a much lower line of equity and less could get done, sigh… There are other options, like a total refi but this is the best option from a financial point of view, that is if it works….

In the mean time the one project I have to do is a new roof so I’ve been getting quotes on that and learning about roofing materials and also now have 3 different solar quotes and am going to go with the local company, far and away the best one.

I’m also getting quotes for the front yard turf removal/landscape work and have obtained approval from LADWP for a turf removal rebate so that is good.

Finally, I’ve self designed some minor backyard improvements and am getting bids on them. Who knows what I’ll be able to do but at least I’ll be ready to start on a few projects.

Other things on the list, remodel kitchen, create laundry room, convert dining room to office, entryway cabinets, patio steps/patio rebuilt, both bathrooms remodeled. It’ll be a while even if I get a HELOC, there are only so many projects that can get done.

It’s Fountain Time (Sorta)

I’m super excited I found not one but two great moroccan wall fountains. One for the front patio and one for the back. They were delivered yesterday and are resting in their tentative new homes (although they will be raised up somewhat). The front one in particular will take some work as electrical will need to be brought out to it. My contractor, the ever helpful Edwin, is working on other projects so I have to wait a bit to get them installed. But for now, I’m happy just looking at them



Remember the Shed?

A long, long time ago I was all excited about the shed being insulated and dry walled and being turned into an exercise space, albeit with a lot of the room still dedicated to storage.

Well one thing lead to another and it was basically just a big messy dumping ground that was full of stuff/clutter and I hated going in there. Yesterday, that changed. I’d had enough and while I wish I had cabinets for storage (vs. Open shelves with curtains), and some additional storage benches outside for toys, I decided enough is enough and I spent the day getting the shed organized.

You can see my craigslist elliptical and reformer live in here. The reformer thankfully stores vertically and there is enough room to use it inside if need be, but usually it’s rolled outside which is a pretty glorious way to do pilates. The elliptical is too heavy to move but it it parked in front of the tv (which swivels around if I want to watch it while working at the counter)

Of course, I like the space so much I’d love to move the storage, but there really is no other place for it, at least for now. Maybe someday, I’ll add a storage closet onto a guest cottage, someday. For now, It feels great to claim the space as usable finally! Here are some photos of the end result.