They’re Back

Last week was an expensive home owner week. I clogged the kitchen sink and was worried it was more than just a clog so I called the plumber, super easy inexpensive fix. Don’t put potato peels in the garbage disposal, there I just saved you all $50 or a messy hour under the sink.

But that’s not what this post is about. Those pesky gophers are back. I’m pretty bummed. They made a bee line for the roots of my citrus trees so I had to act fast, I didn’t want them killing any of my trees. So the gopher patrol came and fixed the situation, again….. It seems the neighborhood has lots of gophers and neighbors who don’t really care so this will be an ongoing battle, I need to decide how to best fight it long term, sigh.

2 responses

    • Have tried those and then tried them with pebbles in the holes which is supposed to help them work better to no avail. And they were sorta loud and made it unpleasant to be out in the yard. I also tried sticking human hair down their holes, and at different times dog poop. But these guys are serious and so far only gopher patrol has offered any relief…sigh…but thanks

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