Solar system

I need a new roof, and soon. Then I won’t panic each time it rains, and I can finally install solar panels. At the moment I’m spending my time researching different options. Sadly the DWP credits from last year are long gone, increasing the cost of any system that I buy or lease. I’m getting pricing on panels from a few companies and also looking into the solar shingles which may be in the running since I need a new roof anyway. And as my friend Wend, say the panels are super ugly (I totally a grew with her) and the shingles seem to have some other benefits as well. Here is a pic of the super ugly panels and what they can do, I’m waiting on my proposal for,the shingles.


2 responses

  1. They are ugly for sure, but only for those that have to look at them – and by this configuration, it looks as tho you won’t see them from your yard or front, so…. good for you! Want me to send a pic of the view from our LR window to the neighbor’s panels?

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