Remember the Shed?

A long, long time ago I was all excited about the shed being insulated and dry walled and being turned into an exercise space, albeit with a lot of the room still dedicated to storage.

Well one thing lead to another and it was basically just a big messy dumping ground that was full of stuff/clutter and I hated going in there. Yesterday, that changed. I’d had enough and while I wish I had cabinets for storage (vs. Open shelves with curtains), and some additional storage benches outside for toys, I decided enough is enough and I spent the day getting the shed organized.

You can see my craigslist elliptical and reformer live in here. The reformer thankfully stores vertically and there is enough room to use it inside if need be, but usually it’s rolled outside which is a pretty glorious way to do pilates. The elliptical is too heavy to move but it it parked in front of the tv (which swivels around if I want to watch it while working at the counter)

Of course, I like the space so much I’d love to move the storage, but there really is no other place for it, at least for now. Maybe someday, I’ll add a storage closet onto a guest cottage, someday. For now, It feels great to claim the space as usable finally! Here are some photos of the end result.






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