Planning, frustrations, and a really long list

So many things I want to still do in regards to the house. I have a long list and the prioritization seems to change almost weekly.

I am trying to get a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and there have been numerous stumbling blocks and drama, at the moment the drama/hold up, is if the house will appraise on their system at the same level it has on others, initially it was way off. If doesn’t, it could mean a much lower line of equity and less could get done, sigh… There are other options, like a total refi but this is the best option from a financial point of view, that is if it works….

In the mean time the one project I have to do is a new roof so I’ve been getting quotes on that and learning about roofing materials and also now have 3 different solar quotes and am going to go with the local company, far and away the best one.

I’m also getting quotes for the front yard turf removal/landscape work and have obtained approval from LADWP for a turf removal rebate so that is good.

Finally, I’ve self designed some minor backyard improvements and am getting bids on them. Who knows what I’ll be able to do but at least I’ll be ready to start on a few projects.

Other things on the list, remodel kitchen, create laundry room, convert dining room to office, entryway cabinets, patio steps/patio rebuilt, both bathrooms remodeled. It’ll be a while even if I get a HELOC, there are only so many projects that can get done.

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