Tuesday is the day

So finally, three banks later, I found a potential home equity lender that will do an actual appraisal of the house to determine its value. Real estate is so micro neighborhood these days I think this will really work to my benefit. At least I hope it will. The last bank did a drive by and appraised the house much lower than I was hoping for. I am optimistic that once a full appraisal is done the work I have done this far will help as well as all the neighborhood improvements. I’ve been reading what to do for an appraisal and apparently I should hand them a list of work I’ve done on the house as well as my own list of recent comps and neighborhood news and improvements.

That said I had Edwin here fixing any little thing I could see just so an appraiser wouldn’t be able to find anything not perfect. I also have him dry walling the garage tomorrow because it looks so dilapidated in its current state. Maybe I’m nuts and it won’t matter but I figure best foot forward and all that, it will be about 90% done by Tuesday. Also, hopefully the gardener will be by today to get some additional minor clean up done… Fingers crossed…..I really want a new roof, solar, landscaping, kitchen update, etc….

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