Backyard Improvements

The backyard apparently gets a lot of sun and the outdoor rugs fade and basically get torn up after a year or so out there.  As a result I have now replaced all the rugs out back and hopefully have bought inexpensive ones that will last for awhile that were cheap enough I won’t care when they ultimately meet their demise.  The cushions also seem to fade rather quickly and I just don’t have it in me to keep the covers on all the time. As a result I think I am on the three year cushion replacement plan which I can totally live with.

For some reason the coffee table that came with the couch was falling apart and after much searching I found a new tile one that i think will last and that I liked and that wasn’t a fortune.  I also ordered new cushions for the top patio chairs as those were really beyond saving. hopefully they will arrive in the next few weeks. SO the backyard feels pretty updated and ready for summer. I would like to get some of the sculpture pieces powder coated but that I will need to wait on a bit.

Here is a before and after picture of the main seating area. I found the rug before the table but I think its sorta funky and fun.


Here is the lower patio rug and sofa

Here is the back of the yet to be re cushioned chairs and a glimpse of the new rug.


Looking forward to a few more improvements in the back that will make it even more enjoyable!

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