And so it begins…..

The front yard landscaping is officially underway! They started the prep for the hardscape and cut into the retaining wall for the steps. That was an expensive part of the plan but one I’m really excited for. There will be a walkway from the sidewalk to the house finally. It should take a few weeks for everything to be completed, I can’t wait!



Skylights are in

Skylights are in, the drywalling has left dust everywhere but this too shall pass. Hopefully that phase is almost done and they can paint early next week. The bathroom skylights add so much light it’s wonderful.

Of course the kitchen does as well. The kitchen is such a huge change it’s taking some getting used to. The ceiling feels so low everywhere else. My first thought was, hey let’s vault the entire kitchen ceiling…..never gonna happen. I’m already liking it more as I adjust to it. The table area is so much more pleasant and bright. Once I get the banquette for the table I think it will be a very inviting area to hang out and not dark and cold like before.

Viva las skylights



Skylights are happening

Well there have been unexpected costs, size issues, and framing issue. Seems worth it as I’ll have the skylights I hoped for and the light they bring to the bathrooms and kitchen will really change how the whole house feels. I can’t wait until they are done. Here is the kitchen, in progress…