The Podocarpus is finally here

I never knew I would be so excited about Podocarpus, but I really am. Yesterday, it finally got planted along the fence on the left side lower/mid level of yard. Previously I had planted honeysuckle there and it just wasn’t providing enough of a screen from the neighbors. Their house is super close to the property line and it would be nice to have a little privacy. I considered a fence but ultimately felt the right plant material was the best solution, hence he Podocarpus.

The honeysuckle has been moved to various places in the yard and I hope it survives the transplant, fingers crossed. I like honeysuckle, it was just a misguided choice to grow along the fence. So here are the photos of the Podocarpus going in…..hopefully it will grow fast! One more step towards the backyard I know is possible.




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