Roof and Skylights

Wasn’t prepared for this to be quite such an epic phase of home improvements. I think the thing to remember is all phases are epic in one way or another. The roofers showed up at 6:45am on Tuesday much to my surprise. Turns out they thought they told me but hadn’t.

Then the contractor asked me to go buy skylights based on sizes we had selected. After I ordered them, he then changed his mind and said a smaller size would be better!! I couldn’t change the order, much problem solving ensued. I think it will be ok, I am hoping it will. The skylights aren’t here until Monday slowing everything down. Also, I guess the roof is more work than expected. The skylight install is costing more Than I thought, of course. Skylights are going in both bathrooms and the kitchen. So my roof is torn off, there are holes in my ceiling from which I can see sky and of course, of course, it rained Thursday night! Thankfully just a little.

The roofers took out the direct TV, much to Charlie’s horror, but he is surviving. The contractor had to take the heat and AC off line as he had to move the unit for the kitchen skylight. He said it would be just for a day but it’s been a few already and it looks to be a warm weekend. I just need to remember all home improvements are epic.

View from my kitchen


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