Solar approval

Finally, finally, LA DWP approved my solar rebate application, which is only for $2,500 or so, but hey it’s better than nothing. This means installation can officially begin. However, once it’s all in it can’t be turned on until it’s inspected. I’m not sure how long that all takes but after that, the rebate can be submitted and I can say good ye to electric bills! The big rebate is the 30% credit towards my taxes this year! that will for sure help. I’m really excited to get this done.

The garage

My garage is a drive through garage, to me it’s weird but apparently they are somewhat common. I will say, its nice to be able to have a second car parked off the street when needed, but overall it seems a bit odd. However, that is not the reason for this post. My garage was totally depressing and since I park there it is the first thing I, and many of my guests, see upon arrival to my house. There must have been some fire in it long ago and nobody ever bothered to repair it. Well, in getting ready to get the house reappraised for the equity line I had new drywall put in and it’s made a world of difference. It’s actually nice to park there now!



Finally, sorta

The skylight wells are finally finally painted and the house is getting back to normal. They really are all great additions and I’m so glad I did them. My hesitations about the kitchen ones are gone and I love them. These are the kitchen (sans art), the well of the one in the master and the guest bath



The cook top and oven are in and fantastic. The warming drawer is next. The front yard is coming along, it needs electric still as well as few of the harder to find plants still, but it’s close. Still waiting on the solar permits….. And in other LA DWP news, I submitted my application for the turf removal rebate, hopefully that won’t take the full four weeks they estimate.