Plumbing woes

Over the weekend there were three, count them three, water bugs found in my house. I hate water bugs, they are big and scary and gross. This made me think I may have a leak, since they tend to indicate there is water laying around. Another clue was my water bill was triple normal!!! So I emailed the plumber and asked if he could check it out for me. He came by today. Since he was here I shared I’d also noticed a sewage smell , faint but it was definitely present and one of the toilets had backed up.

Sadly, it turns out I was right on both fronts. There is a leak somewhere in my water main and it needs to be replaced, not sure how the new landscaping will fare… for the sewer main, well when I moved in it was all replaced except for 6 feet or so that was under the cement patio. Since it was so expensive to cut the cement and dig out that section we had left it hoping it would be ok, well it’s not…..

Obviously, these will be fixed and soon, but what a bummer to have to spend so much money on nothing fun

A room of many uses

The guest room is now the office. Last week we moved the offices of the small non-profit I run into my guestroom and put a small desk for me in the livingroom. It’s not ideal but the free rent is what we need for now. So the guest room has served as housing for a lovely exchange student, a rented room to a family friend and now an office…seems the extra space has really come In handy.

The office had to hold three workstations and a lot of files and supplies. All things considered I think when the dust settles it’ll look ok