It pays to be Green, sorta….

Two of the things that helped me decide to prioritize landscaping the front before other projects were the that fact I’d save water (this drought is no joke) and that LA DWP was offering a $2/sq ft rebate for each sq ft of turf you removed. I still have a nice grassy backyard for the kid/dog to play in and it seemed rather wasteful to have so much grass we didn’t use. Plus I think it looks great and helps out a ton on the curb appeal factor.

Today my rebate check came, and while the landscaping costs exceeded the rebate (by a lot) it’s still great to get a check in the mail! Hurray turf rebate program, hurray!


It’s on!

Finally, my solar is on and rolling back our electric meter. Good timing too, given it’s been crazy hot. And since LA is stupid and won’t pay you for any excess you give to the grid, I’m keeping my AC on and for the first time feeling no guilt about it. I need to maximize my solar investment! The LA DWP guy came and installed new meters, I have no idea how to read them (but I will). Of course the switch to the new meters will delay their ability to bill for a few months…meaning I won’t know how much over or under I am in terms of usage…..but I think I can figure that out once I figure out the meters. And, I had the system based on 110% of actual prior usage so I should be good.


Our Garden

Thankfully the veggie beds are pretty self sustaining and they give us yummy things to eat. This year I planted corn and it is (surprisingly) doing well, there are little baby ears of corn! This morning’s harvest would also include a bunch of strawberries, but Charlie ate them all.

This mornings harvest


Some of our plants


Before and Now – The Front Yard

How the house looked when I closed on it and how it looks today! Of course, I’d still like to plant the median and replace the front patio floor with tile before I say the front is totally done but there are many projects before those, so for now I’m calling the front done. Believe it or not this project got rid of over 1550 sq ft of grass and within 2-3 years the front can be completely taken off any irrigation!



Landscaped (almost)!

So the new plants were installed yesterday! It looks great, a few minor fixes still needed, the repositioning (minor) of a couple plants and some cement work and it’ll just be a matter of watching the plants grow and fill in, that’ll be the fun part. This doesn’t show the side patch by the driveway which also looks better, nor the side yard but this is the main part. It took a long time to find the aloe spicatas and the Dasylirion (Mexican grass trees) but they were worth the wait!