And so it begins…..

It’s been since the holidays that I’ve felt the need, not a desire, but an actual need to replace the sofa in the livingroom. My dear friend Stacey, kindly and correctly, pointed out the existing couch was not as formal as the living room. This makes sense as it was from the old house where it was the only sofa and served multiple purposes. It served me well, but it is time to pass it on to another loving home.

My sofa history has been a good one of finding what I needed via Craigslist and then working a little reupholstering magic. This time I was going a different direction. I knew what I wanted, a very specific look that was a nod to a sofa we had for a while growing up. It was tufted, purple mohair velvet and slightly curved. I don’t have a great picture of it but it’s seared in my memory as a perfect sofa. So the search began, I was looking for something reminiscent of said sofa. I spent hours looking online, hours and hours. I narrowed it down to two choices. A purple velvet chesterfield Anthropologie was selling or a more modern Jonathan Adler sofa. Well, in person the Adler sofa was too diminutive for the space and the chesterfield felt just too generic somehow.

So after months of research I was left nowhere….well I turned to CL and I found an amazing sofa. I bargained and got it for much less than asking, which always feels good. It is full of potential! It is so much (or will be) like my inspirational sofa except much bigger. It’s 9ft long! It needs work!! To start with it needs some legs to give it a little height and these will need to be just right or they will ruin the look. So that is project number one. Then I need to find purple mohair velvet fabric and finally it will need to be reupholstered and have a firmer cushion made.

This sofa is so big it has me removing some furniture from the living room. Less is more, I think. But now I’m facing a conundrum of where things should go. Well it’s a process and it won’t get done over night but I think this is a major step In the right direction.


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