One thing, leads to another…..

Well to start now I have the Fixx song running through my head, maybe you will now too…..

So the plumbing repairs that I mentioned awhile back, well they are done. The water main was replaced and the last section of the sewer main was replaced as well. I’m still paying the plumber, it was not an inexpensive fix….

The reason the sewer main section closer to the house had not been replaced when I first moved in when I replaced the rest of it, was that it meant cutting up the patio and that was an additional expense. Well, that section of the sewer main finally had to be replaced and the patio did indeed have to be cut up, sigh.

So now I have this


If I patch it, it will look terrible. I should also add the grading on the patio is terrible and water pools in the center of the patio and it really isn’t looking it’s best these days. I’ve been getting quotes to replace the patio and there are concerns the patio wall won’t hold up to the replacement of the patio floor, see one thing leads to another….

Also, if I do fix it, I want to potentially tile the patio and that of course adds to the expense…this whole patio is a case of one thing leads to another….. Just not sure when or what will happen but I can’t have a big hole there for much longer, it’s a safety issue and well as just plain ugly.

But there is so much still to do. I need gutters and the back driveway has drainage issues, I really want a laundry room, and a banquette in the kitchen. Not to mention the kitchen and bath remodels still need to happen. The backyard is another huge project too…so much to do, but it’ll happen, eventually.

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