Backyard fix

So I’m pretty sure I want that big tall lovely bamboo as a privacy screen against the back of the property. That however, will need to wait for now. That said the second level of the yard has fallen into disrepair, the sprinklers weren’t working well and the grass was never really grass but weeds full of prickers; tormenting kids, dog and even the inside of the house was not Immune to the prickers.

One thing I realized was I don’t need the whole top area to be grass, the play area could easily be mulched, ultimately saving on water. I also decided to mulch around the patio and to move the patio to the back corner. This of course, involved moving some fruit trees as well. The drip irrigation was not done correctly in the back and some of it needs to be redone and it needs to be added to places that lack it.

The good news is the mulch and patio moving phase is underway! The less good news the bamboo and new grass will need to wait a bit but this should help the existing plants do better (proper irrigation) and save money and water by reducing the area that needs watering. Hopefully this part of the project will be done this week!

Here it is very much in progress…


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