Hoping this isn’t a disaster

The guys will be here this morning to take out the concrete from the front patio, it is so unlevel and so beat up there is no way to save it. It needs to be properly graded to keep water from running into the foundation and it just looks ugly. There is a chance the patio wall will not withstand the cement coming out since it’s had so many years of water damage. I’m totally nervous about worse case scenario.

The claims adjuster is coming this morning as well to see if my homeowner insurance will cover any of the patio repair as it’s due to the sewer main break. I’m not counting on it, but it’s worth checking.

The patio should be cleared by Saturday and left for the dirt underneath to dry out until Tuesday when new cement is poured. Then once that dries on Thursday, new Saltillo tiles should be set in place on Thursday….I’m not holding my breath but I can’t wait. One of the most exciting things about this will be new front entry steps. If all goes as planned they will be curved with decorative tile risers……so I’m hoping this goes as planned and preparing for various issues along the way. Here are the photos for the “before”


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